Working With Used Pallets? Use These Tips

If you've recently assumed ownership of a warehouse or facility full of used pallet racks, that saves you from purchasing them. You can happily use these old racks until you're able to afford to replace the whole system; they may even function perfectly so that you never need to replace them as long as you own the space. However, mistakes and inattention can shorten the life of these racks or cause additional problems; how can you make the used racks work for your needs?

1-Check Permits

After purchasing the building, you're responsible for any documentation the space requires from the municipal government. It's easy to go on and assume that the previous owner got city permits long ago for the pallet racks in the facility, but it's possible they never sought them. This can easily become your problem if an inspector wants you to produce them. Fines could be issued, despite your protests that you just bought the space. Therefore, calling or just dropping by the correct office will permit you to research existing permits and complete an entirely new application if necessary.

2-Look for Limits

On newer pallet racks, load limit details are often etched on rack exteriors. This limit will help you avoid stressing the racks and breaking them down. However, if your space has rather old pallet racks, the information may be absent. You can still discover what limits exist. If you're able to find the manufacturer name on any of the racks, contact through phone can help. Their website should also have data about limits for their systems. If neither of these ideas are fruitful, call the previous owner. They should have information or at least can discuss the heaviness of the loads their workers put on the pallets.

3-Protect Racks

The lowest racks might have chips or chinks where forklifts or other heavy machines knocked into them. This happens sometimes, but taking measures to block further damage is smart. Pallet protectors, plastic guard rails, and similar accessories can be attached, so they receive some kind of protection.

4-Look for Problems

Because you know the racks are used, you may want to be more vigilant about noticing rust, bowing, cracks or similar issues. If there are visual signals that one rack area isn't strong, avoid it until you can bring in replacements.

Used pallet racks can serve your business well. If you need more racks for busy times, you may even want to seek used racks to add. With these pointers, they'll be fine. For more information, you can click here.