Choosing Your Bio-Freezer? 4 Factors To Consider

Certain industries require certain types of storage facilities, and these facilities may need to be temperature controlled. Traditional freezers may be beneficial for food services and certain manufacturing needs, but temperatures that are even more extreme may be necessary for some instances. Because temperatures range from -346 to -320.44 degrees, liquid nitrogen freezers can provide safe and effective storage for medical samples and even pharmaceutical, industrial, or food manufacturing ingredients and supplies. [Read More]

Working With Used Pallets? Use These Tips

If you've recently assumed ownership of a warehouse or facility full of used pallet racks, that saves you from purchasing them. You can happily use these old racks until you're able to afford to replace the whole system; they may even function perfectly so that you never need to replace them as long as you own the space. However, mistakes and inattention can shorten the life of these racks or cause additional problems; how can you make the used racks work for your needs? [Read More]

Three Basic Types Of Portable Air Compressors

Air compressors have many uses around the home. Air compressors used in industrial and commercial settings are often stationary, but when you want one for home use, a portable model is usually enough. However, you'll still want to choose the best compressor for your needs since they come in different types for doing different jobs. Here are some air compressors that are useful to keep in your car or at home. [Read More]

3 Ways To Reduce Work-Related Eye Injuries

Many types of jobs, such as industrial and manufacturing, carry a higher risk of work-related eye injuries. Following the established rules for eye protection and being mindful of common threats to your eyes can reduce your chances of serious injury or infection. Wear The Right Eye Protection The type of eye protection you need is generally based on the risks associated with the job. For example, if you are a welder, your eye protection should minimize the chance that small projectiles can penetrate your eye wear. [Read More]