Three Basic Types Of Portable Air Compressors

Air compressors have many uses around the home. Air compressors used in industrial and commercial settings are often stationary, but when you want one for home use, a portable model is usually enough. However, you'll still want to choose the best compressor for your needs since they come in different types for doing different jobs. Here are some air compressors that are useful to keep in your car or at home.

Small Compressors Without A Tank

The smallest air compressors don't have a storage tank, so they are easy to take with you and keep on hand. However, they don't have a lot of power either. You can't use one of these for your power tools. These are handy for inflating bike tires, sports balls, and pool floats.

Gas-Powered Air Compressors On Wheels

The most powerful air compressors run on gasoline, and they are on wheels so they are easy to move to the location you are working in. The benefit of a gas-powered air compressor is that you can use it in places where there is no electricity. You'll be able to use your power tools to work on a fence or outbuilding where there is no outlet. One of these air compressors may be more than you need for use at home. If you plan to use an air compressor in your workshop most of the time, then a gas-powered model isn't a good choice. 

Electric-Powered Portable Compressors

An electric air compressor is for use indoors, and these can supply all the power you need for power tools and inflating car tires. Electric air compressors come in different sizes. Some can run off of a battery, which is useful if you need to use it to inflate a flat tire. But, most plug into a wall outlet and are light enough to carry where you want to use them. When you buy a portable air compressor, you'll want to note the cfm and psi ratings, which reflect air volume and the pressure. Power tools have different cfm and psi requirements, and you'll want to know what the tools you plan to use so you buy an air compressor that can power them safely.

An air compressor is essential for a home workshop because it can do so many things around the home, especially if you have air-powered tools. You can buy one with double or single air cylinders or a flat tank. Consider how you'll use the compressor and where you'll use and store it so you buy the right style, size, and power to suit your needs.

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