Introduce A Line Of Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

If you own a jewelry manufacturing plant and would like to introduce a new line of jewelry that is affordable and beautiful, tungsten carbide pieces may be a viable option that will help you boost your sales and gain new clients. Tungsten carbide is a hard grey compound that is scratch resistant and affordable. If you choose to begin mass producing tungsten pieces, use the following tips to help you get started.

Order Tungsten From A Supplier

Contact a metal supplier to order tungsten in bulk. If this will be your first time working with this type of metal, receive vital details about characteristics that tungsten carbide possesses from the representative who assists you when you place the order.

After receiving a shipment of tungsten, you will need to decide upon the pieces of jewelry that will be manufactured. If you have some basic ring styles and necklaces that are currently popular, using them in the new line of jewelry may be of interest to you. Choose pieces that are fairly basic until you are used to working with tungsten. 

Hold A Training Seminar For Your Employees

Before mass producing pieces of jewelry, some sample tungsten carbide pieces should be created. Once you are satisfied with the pieces that have been made, hold a training seminar so that you can introduce the new line of jewelry to your employees.

During the seminar, allow your employes to handle the pieces of jewelry so that they can get used to the texture, color, and weight of the tungsten carbide. Describe the properties that tungsten carbide possesses and provide your workers with an idea of what they can expect once they begin working with this new type of metal. 

Market The Pieces

If several jewelry stores and specialty shops currenty purchase jewelry from the plant that you own, marketing the new line of jewelry will increase the possibility of selling the tungsten carbide items to your clientele. Design an advertisement that includes color photographs and descriptions of the jewelry pieces and make copies of the ads before mailing them to your clients.

If you are interested in acquiring new clients, mass produce the advertisement and send out copies to the target audience. If business owners purchase the jewelry and it sells relatively quickly in their stores, you will likely be doing additional business with your clients so you should plan on purchasing more tungsten carbide from a supplier.