Top 4 Benefits Of Backup Wrenches

In industrial settings, bolting and torquing work is often done on a regular basis. If you own or manage a business where bolting and torquing work is a necessity, it is a good idea to add backup wrenches to your employees tool boxes. Having access to a high quality backup wrench can solve a number of issues that are often found in industrial settings. Some of the main benefits of using a backup wrench for bolting and torquing work include:

Hands-Free Work

When using other types of tools, bolting and torquing work requires a person to have his or her hands close to the bolts and nuts. In many cases, using other types of tools also requires more than one person to complete the project. A backup wrench is completely hands-free, eliminating the need for multi-person jobs, which can greatly increase productivity in the workplace.

Increased Safety

Workplace safety is of utmost importance for most industrial companies, and preventing injury is always a top priority. Since backup wrenches are hands-free tools, they are an incredibly safe option compared to other types of tools that are often used for bolting and torquing work. While tightening a bolt or nut with a backup wrench, hands are kept out of the way so there is no risk of pinching or other types of injuries.

Save Time

Backup wrenches are designed to make bolting and torquing work easier and faster. These tools are able to quickly tighten or loosen bolts and nuts without the need for a variety of complicated tools. Since workers are able to complete the bolting and torquing work quickly, they will be able to move on to the rest of their tasks in a timely manner. When you have backup wrenches available for employee use, a lot of time can be saved so projects can be completed faster.

Variety of Sizes

No matter what size bolts and nuts are used in your company's bolting and torquing work, there is a backup wrench to suit your needs. Backup wrenches are available in a variety of sizes, both standard and metric. You may want to consider purchasing several backup wrenches in different sizes to ensure that you have one available for all projects that your company may do. Backup wrenches are durable and long-lasting, so after your initial investment you can count of having high quality tools for many years to come.

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