Heavy Equipment Rental Tips For Remote Oil Field Locations

If you are the project manager in charge of renting the heavy equipment for a new remote oil field your company is going to drill this fall, then it is important for you to get everything in place both on time and on budget. To help you complete this overwhelming task and show your boss they selected the right person for the job, follow these tips:

Tip: Call Today and Start the Rental Process

Since the fracking and drilling industries are booming these days and rental drilling equipment is in high demand, it is vital to the success of your project that you call as soon as possible and start getting the equipment rental process started. If you wait too long, then you may start calling around only to discover that all of the mobile core drilling units you need are already reserved by other companies.

Tip: Consider Time-Savings and Employee Comfort When Deciding Between Rental Options

If you are trying to decide between two similar pieces of equipment and are having a hard time deciding which one to rent, consider if one option will save time on your job site or if it will help your company's employees feel more comfortable. For example, if you can rent a slightly bigger bulldozer with air conditioning in the cab for just a slightly higher price than a smaller one without air conditioning, then go with the one everyone will be happier with.

Tip: Ask About Discounts for Extended Use or Multiple Tool Rental

Since your company's new oil field will require a lot of different pieces of equipment, ask the rental agents if you can get a discount for renting as many pieces of machinery from them as possible. Additionally, ask the agent if they offer discounts for extended use. For example, renting a mud remover for six weeks might cost about the same as if you commit to a two-month rental contract. Renting for the extra couple of weeks would likely alleviate some stress on the job site and might prove to be the best option.

Tip: Obtain Written Quotes that Include All Possible Costs

Finally, before you agree to rent equipment from any oil field rental company, like Quail Tools, first you must obtain a written quote that contains all of the possible costs associated with renting the equipment. The quote should contain not only the rental fees but also the costs for shipping, delivery, and onsite setup.